Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to answer common questions, to guide you through the process of making an appointment, and to make your first visit as comfortable and productive as possible. Please feel free to ask for additional information from either your therapist or our intake worker.

Do I need therapy?
Friends, family, doctors, or others may recommend that you see a therapist, but you are the person best able to decide if psychotherapy will be useful to you at this time. Whether you are familiar with counseling or a newcomer to this work, feel free to talk with us about your concerns and hopes to determine if a CCA therapist will be the right fit for you. During a brief telephone interview, our intake therapist will ask about your reasons for considering therapy now, and may talk with you about current emotional stressors, job, social, or family difficulties, unresolved problems, and about any past experiences of working with a therapist.

We will answer any questions you have about fees, insurance, office locations, and therapists. If you feel that you may be more comfortable working with a male or female therapist, or have a preference about other therapist qualities, we will try to accommodate you. If it becomes clear that psychotherapy at CCA is not your next step, we will help you find other resources.

How do I set an appointment?
Reach us by telephone (773-281-7200 x 0) or email ( at any time. We generally return calls and conduct intakes between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays; however, we can arrange to contact you in the evening or on weekends if normal business hours are not convenient. Please leave your name, telephone numbers (day and evening if possible), and the best times to reach you at those numbers. We will protect your privacy and do not mention CCA or counseling services until we reach you directly. If you wish special discretion, please indicate that in your message.

When you talk with our intake coordinator, you can decide whether individual (one to one), couples, family, or group psychotherapy is appropriate for you. We are generally able to provide an appointment within one week of your call.

How do we start?
When you meet your therapist, he or she will explain our policies, answer your questions, and begin the work of understanding your experiences and goals. We place great importance on your ability to trust and speak freely with your therapist and aim to find you a therapist who is the best possible match for you. If you do not feel a good connection with the first therapist you meet, you can speak directly with that therapist or with our intake worker; if a change is needed, we will assist in finding another therapist at CCA or elsewhere.

What about scheduling?
Most people attend therapy sessions once per week. Duration of therapy may be a few weeks to a few years. You and your therapist will determine what is right for you; you are not committed nor limited to any specific number of appointments.

Please be on time for your appointments so that you receive your full time, and please notify your therapist if you will be late or not attending a session. We request 48 hours' notice if you are unable to keep an appointment.

What are your fees? Can I use my insurance?
Many of our clinicians are in network for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Illinois and we can provide out of network services for other insurance plans. We offer reduced fees if your resources will not cover the regular costs of therapy. Our intake coordinator can help you to sort through insurance benefits and will set a fee with you prior to your initial appointment. Payment for therapy can be made by check, cash, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)

How can I make this worthwhile?
Be an active participant in your therapy. Ask questions when you don't understand. Make your wishes known. Let the therapist know if you are confused or uncomfortable about anything being discussed. This is your therapy, and you should feel understood, responded to, and free to express yourself. We provide support, perspective, resources and a level of understanding and acceptance that can foster your ability to develop your innate capacities for clarity and growth. Use our skills and presence to find the relief and change you seek.

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