Chicago Counseling Associates is dedicated to providing and teaching client-centered therapy in the tradition begun by Carl Rogers and carried forward by his students at the Chicago Counseling and Psychotherapy Center (open from 1971-2001). The Center was the direct outgrowth of the original University of Chicago Counseling Center founded by Dr. Rogers in 1945 and is where our core staff trained, taught, and served as senior managerial staff. At CCA, we continue the tradition of high quality, affordable counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and children, and offer both internship training for graduate students as well as post graduate continuing education and consultation.

Our deep roots in the client-centered tradition guide us as we provide effective, thoughtful, life enhancing services to our clients. Our experiences in our own therapy and ongoing education reinforce our beliefs in rigorous and supportive training and supervision to developing therapists.

We are affiliated with a number of seasoned client-centered clinicians and educators in the Chicago community and collaborate with the Chicago Women's Health Center and Client Centered Counseling Associates to provide and share expertise in our internship programs.

Lincoln Park
1000 W Diversey, Suite 275
Chicago, Illinois 60614
(satellite office)
5317 N Clark, 2nd floor
To reach us:
phone: 773-281-7200
email: info@cca-cct.com